Play Spiderman GTA: Vice Spider Vegas

The online version of the GTA 5 game is made for the Spider-Man character, being specially created for the fans of this superhero. In this game you can interact with each element such as cars, people, buildings, weapons and much more. You can take on various missions from which you will receive rewards. Collect money, bitcoins and other resources needed for your survival in this Spider-Man GTA game.

You can take different vehicles and use them such as bicycles, mopeds, hoverboards, classic cars and many other means of transport. You can use them to carry out your missions. The most important thing is to choose the quality of the game from the beginning, it will influence the way things move. Customize the character with different interesting skins, buy items from the store. Like Spider-man, you can perform spider web jumps, go to buildings, and use superpowers to confront enemies.


- use mouse to rotate around the character

- press ''q'' to use spider web

- left click to use weapons, scroll to change, right click for energy shooting